Recommended fabric
Recommended fabric
Cupra-Cellulose Fabric
  • Cupra Features

    Cupra fabric has good hygroscopic,antistatic property and drape property. The texture is close to silk, and wearing performance is excellent.
    It is suitable for men's and women's T-shirts, trousers, skirts, leisure wear and other products.
Viscose-Cellulose Fabric
  • Viscose Features

    It is called "breathable fabric" because it has soft, smooth and cool feelings. Besides, it has super antistatic properties, good breathability and humidity control functions.
    It is suitable for sportswear or men's and women's T-shirts, etc.
Cotton and Rayon Blends
  • Cotton-rayon Features

    It has the characteristics of smooth surface, high elasticity and anti-wrinkle. It is skin-friendly, soft and comfortable to wear.
    Best for leisure men's and women's garments and dresses, etc.