Recommended fabric
Recommended fabric
NaiaTM Acetate-Cellulose Fabric
  • NaiaTM Acetate

    It is a new eco-friendly fabric with natural absorbency to skin, excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying performance, light touch, smooth and soft texture.
    Best for T-shirt,bottoming shirt,underwear and other products.
Tencel-Cellulose Fabric
  • Tencel Features

    Tencel fabric can visually present a natural luster and frosted texture, with a smooth and delicate touch. It has the advantages of anti-wrinkle double damask and the comfortable characteristic of mulberry silk.
    Best for various business suits, suits, frocks and other styles.
Modal-Cellulose Fabric
  • Modal Features

    Modal fiber is extremely slender, which can bring a delicate and soft wearing feeling. It has good flexibility, moisture absorption and wrinkle resistance.
    Best for ladies' base clothes or spring/summer T-shirts, which can be worn at home and out.